Motivational Speaking

Im now officially a member of the UKs Leading Motivational Speaking Agency for Education and Care Settings called School Speakers

Joely Colmer is a disabled, multi world and national award winning motivational speaker, autism activist and author of 'AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar', who is passionate about raising understanding of her gift, Aspergers Syndrome, and autism's hidden depths and quirks. Through the power of words Joely can mesmerize hundreds of people, and coax them to delve into the depths of a world so different to their own - and learn to understand the 'why', from her unique young autistic female, personal and professional perspective.

As a young women who has Asperger's Syndrome, Joely can give a unique insight into the incredible depths of her fascinating disability and mental health issues. Joely's lived experiences of life on the autistic spectrum, being a survivor of bullying, abuse, gaslighting and mate crime. She has undertaken years of volunteering and working with disabled and autistic young people and has made her disability her biggest motivation and her 'specialist topic' - meaning she is very honest, and can articulately bring untold clinical information to life, with stories that inspire hopeful hearts and usher tearful eyes.

For example:

The hardships and quirks of the autistic spectrum
Life skills
School life, learning environments, teachers
Mental health
Mate crime
Holistic approaches
Volunteering / autism activism empowerment

On average my speeches last 30-60 minutes (depending on the depth required). I tend to speak about the challenges that come with having Asperger's and will end with by talking about why I see my disability as a gift and my achievements; so the speech ends on a real high.

Overall, I want to give a positive and inspirational message.

Every speech is tailored to the specific requirements of the audience with appropriate 'inserts' added where necessary.

For instance, recently I added 'inserts' about Gaslighting, Bullying, PTSD, Health and Social Care, Inspiration, Volunteering and Discrimination.

​I am available to speak at any event you wish, as I am comfortable with speaking in front of hundreds of people

(ironically the more people, the more comfortable I am!)