AspergerWorld - Mindful Activity PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


AspergerWorlds new mindful activity book has been specially designed by Joely, (an awarded autistic advocate,) to empower a positive growth mindset in our children and teens.


There are 3 chapters for you all to enjoy; 1) About Me, 2) Mindset 3) Always Be Kind, and by Using a mixture of accessible creative and writing activities, this book explores:

* positivity

* healthy mind set

* gratitude

* Dealing with mistakes and failure

* negative emotions

* Cruel people

* consent

* kindness

* positive attributes and talents.


With it’s positive dialogue and delicately featured ‘deeper’ topics, ‘AspergerWorld mindfulness activity book’ challenges our children’s inner most thoughts, to guide them to healthier coping mechanisms.


The book is available to you in a digital format, so you and your child can do-and re do pages, as you progress together. Not only this, but you can also personalise your book too, to make it unique and special for your child! I hope you enjoy being a ‘mindful buddy’ reading and completing with your children, together!





Father of a little girl



"I bought  this PDF book for my daughter. We have had lots of fun working on it together. We really like the illustrations, wording and activities. This has been a valuable resource. I feel that lots of people could benefit from this book"




Special Educational Needs Teacher




"This  Mindfulness Activity Book is great for school children. You can pick and choose which pages to use for individual children and their needs. Its a valuable resource, teaching children to relax and gives them the tools to think about their emotions" 





Works helping vulnerable 




"This book is very inspirational. I'm delighted to be able to share this with the children I work with, as I feel it will be extremely beneficial and helpful. This book has helped with critical thinking and dealing with emotions, in a educational and fun way. I have recommended this book to colleagues and parents"