What Makes My Book Different?

Young Female Autistic Voice.

To find a book from an Asperger’s perspective can be rare - to find one written from a young female perspective can be mission impossible. This is because most books of this hugely popular topic are penned by a male, parental, or older perspective. The few young female perspective books that are available, I have found are often lacking in detail and understanding. These books don’t educate upon the full extent of the hidden disability; whilst also lacking the wonderful combination of ‘work / life’ and ‘qualified’ writing experience. I have worked in schools and pre-schools with people with Special Education Needs (Including Autism) for many years, whilst also being qualified with qualifications and work / voluntary experience within the world of Autism. Yes, I am only 25.

I inspire my audience (readers and listeners alike) from an award winning personal, professional and psychological point of view; opening eyes from all backgrounds of autism knowledge to pique their intellectual and emotional curiosity. For those reading to learn more about the Spectrum, I can motivate an understanding using the best source of education - personal and professional insight.

As a Role Model to many fans nationwide, I can provide that hope, understanding and clarity of mind that there are quirks to the disability too. This is because many books are not detailed enough to create a true understanding, and are very negative. It’s a sad reality that there are many books like that; they may give some detail into the obvious hardships of Asperger’s in an over whelming manner, while lacking articulate understanding, but they tend to ignore the fabulous characteristic too! My book is a healthy mix of both positive quirks and the obvious and more importantly, the hidden hardships too. I aim to inspire and replenish the reader’s sense of self; that yes, they are more than a diagnosis, and yes; their disability does not make them naughty, bad or odd. It makes them clever, passionate and honest. For parents, teachers or carer the perspective of my book, create a rare un told insight into how to best support those on the spectrum, with advice to follow and a fresh understanding of the reasoning’s of the autistic mind, that is previously shied away from. My book clarifies how to best support ‘Autism gifts’ into a reality with practical advice, relatable true stories, Role Modelling, and humorous dialogue.

Mental Health

My Fairy Jam Jar is a unique and desirable non-fiction Asperger’s perspective book, with a rare chapter on mental health; exploring the many hidden hardships of the disability – and why those with Autism can be more prone to mental health issues, as well as my own insightful and eye opening experiences and advice. Competing books seem to keep mental health and Autism as a grey area; often avoiding the topic completely. This is something that used to upset me growing up. For example, Authors would briefly mention bullying but not talk about how bullying drastically impacted their lives. Whereas a child on the spectrum experiencing bullying can have a massive impact on their mental health due to necessity for rules and routine; anything out of routine or that is wrong can become incorrect – damaging mental health. If something unimportant (like a change in toothpaste) can cause a meltdown what happens when something horrid happens; Such as bullying (9/10 disabled experience bullying), abuse, disability hate crimes (1,200 every week) or discrimination? It will impact their mental health; causing depression, OCD, anxiety and even Trauma.

As a child growing up with mental health issues and a disability on the spectrum I found it impossible to relate to the older male authors who completely ignored such a vast and important subject. For a book to ignore a ‘voodoo’ topic, can only make the readers with these issues feel more isolated and to blame for something out of their control. My aim with this chapter is to tackle these issues head on, eradicating harmful stereotypes, by being a role model for those in need; telling my story of darkness with practical advice on how I over came struggles to become more positive and happy.

In summary, The vast majority of Asperger’s syndrome nonfiction books are written by male authors, or are written from an adult’s or professional  / parents perspective. While growing up I found these books impossible to relate to, and I still feel there is a gap in the market for a younger female voices. My book is written by a female author who has Asperger’s syndrome (me) during childhood to adulthood, sharing hilarious and heartbreaking real life stories to illustrate the in-depth difficulties faced on a daily basis. My book goes further into the hidden aspects of this disability, touching grey areas previously shied away from, and also make my book stand out against the rest, for example:

*Mental health issues,
*Life Skills
*Behavioural issues
*Mate Crime
*Shutdowns Frozen Defence Mode

While my book explores the difficulties it has an overall positive message and gives lots of practical advice for others with Asperger’s, their parents and teachers.


I'm an Autistic 'Professional'

I am a passionate multi national and world award winning Autism Activist, Autism Trainer and World Autism Ambassador, and due to my Aspergers empowering me with understanding of all the hidden depths of my disability, I am very much a walking encyclopeadia of Autism, because my Aspergers has become my specific narrow interest and specialist topic-therefore I can learn and understand everything about it. This makes me a professional in my own right, to help, below is the definition of the term ' Professional' according to google. 

'Professional' definition:

'relating to or belonging to a profession.'
"young professional people"

I belong as a professional in the Autistic Community as someone with a life time of lived experience, over 10 years work and Job experience in the field of Autism, special needs and working with young people and children. 

'engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.'
"a professional boxer"

synonyms: paid, salaried, non-amateur, full-time
"a professional tennis player"

I am a world and national award winning Autism Activist and Motivational speaker- that is my paid professional.
'a person engaged or qualified in a profession.'
"professionals such as lawyers and surveyors"
synonyms: white-collar worker, professional worker, office worker
"affluent young professionals"

I have won mulitple awards for my work which are my credentials that qualify me to be a professional. 

I am qualified in my professional and motivational speaker and autism trainer, because of my lived and work experience.

According to the literal definition being a professional doesnt all come down to credentials.
I may not have many 'credentials', aside from a few easy peasy level 4 diplomas in phycology, childcare, SENCO etc, I may not be a professional in the traditional sense, however I do have over 10 years experience in working with children and young people with a variety of additional needs and Autism Spectrum Disabilities. I am confident I could gain more qualifications if I wanted; I simply dont have the energy, time nor ability on top of my Activism and coping with my Autism shutdowns of my physical mental and emotional abilities, to achieve more qualifications. Truth be told, these qualifications came easily to me; I knew everything already without needing to research-I just understood everything thanks to my Aspergers embracing me with the gift of understanding for everything within my specific narrow interest (child care and autism), therefore, the above diplomas took me only 2 days each to complete and pass at either 90/100% with Cambridge University. I was surprised at how easy they were for me, when so many of my peers had been aghast at how difficult and time consuming (months) these qualifications were to achieve.

I am happy just being me, and although I always strive to improve myself, and my understanding, and I will with time pursue further qualifications when my learning environment is more suited for it, I am currently happy with the understanding and qualifications that I have, and I am achieving my dreams of helping already, without further qualifications. 
My lived experience, combined with over 10 years work experience, combined with my endless passion and dedication to Autism Activism, and training other professionals with my unique award winning perspective, I am a professional in ASC, in my own right.