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Official video for our Friendship Festival 2015

To celebrate Friendship Day, I came together with the Chatterbox youth disability group and a youth group called 'Sussed' to help bring young peoples ideas about matters that are important to them, to life. We decided that support, and friendship, can help us through our own struggles, and so our friendships festival was born.

​Together we designed a friendship festival. This was my first big event, where my ideas had been brought to life. At the event, we had a photo booth to take selfies with your friends, arts and crafts that related to friendship and support, a communication ball pit that encouraged children and adults to ask questions and learn what each others common grounds were and make friends, a children's soft play area, and giant family game; such as Jenga, Connect Four, Bowling, Chess and Twister. The day was a brilliant success, in highlighting why friendship is important and helping the public to gain new friends, and appreciate the friends they already have.

Videos of Volunteering

​​A snippet from my speech at the ‘National Children and Adult Services’ National Annual Conference
I am honored to say that I was invited by National Charity, ‘Health Watch’ to do a speech at the ‘National Children and Adult Services’ National Annual Conference. It was an incredible experience being able to speak so freely on a stage in front of hundreds of Professionals in health and social care, ranging from NHS England and Health Watch England officials. It was wonderful being able to share a bit of my story about my experience with mental health, with a focus on our work creating the ‘Young People’s Experience with Health Social Care’ Patch Work Quilt. I had a wonderful review of my speech written by an employee at Health Watch Dorset; please see “Autism Activism” – “Motivational Speaking’ to read.

UPDATED: Interview on USA Radio SputNik-Faultines
I have been honoured with two amazing radio interviews! Discussing autism hidden hardships / quirks, independence training, school, my Activism and my book 'AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar'. and more. Incredible feedback already:
Eye opening discussion on #FaultLines radio documentary with an inspirational English autism activist. Amazing insights on Autism.”
“Just listening to the wonderful Joely Colmer a female #autismactivist. You are so eloquent! You’re an absolute gem from the queen’s crown. I am so inspired by you.”
“AHHHH! 🙌🏼FaultLines is so good! Crying over here! AWARD WINNING Joely Colmer on Aspergers:Her Disability is a GIFT #FaultLines 👌🏻”
“Listening to beautiful human being
Joely Colmer @asperger_world discussing #autism #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAwareness

Bravo! Insightful thought provoking stuff.
👍 👍”

'Connected' :
       A Film About Autistic People, By Autistic People

ANCA, (The Autistic Network Consulting Agency in Canada) is a brilliant organisation, that spreads positivity and understanding world wide, and I am honoured to be an Ambassador to such a special community.
ANCA created this wonderful, insightful and eye opening film, that shares insights into the Autistic world, from different Autistic people world wide. Recently 'Connected' was shortlisted for Awards with 
Hoboken International Film Festival, COMMFEST - Global Community Film Festivals. 
This film is truly remarkable, challenging negative perceptions to positives, and showcasing some of the incredible talents that can come with Autism Spectrum Disorders, whilst educating on the hidden depths that come with life with Autism.
​ ​If you wish to view the whole film, please contact me.

Link here ->

BBC Radio One "Stories from the Spectrum"

My wonderful sister and I participated in an hour long Radio One feature. Working alongside, up and coming music artist, George the Poet, and his incredibly inspiring brother Kenny, who has Autism. We recorded a show called "Stories from the Spectrum" which followed the lives of three young people with autism spectrum disorders in England - I was one of them. The radio show explores the spectrum with all of its weird and wonderful quirks. The whole experience was brilliant, and I certainly learnt a lot! I recommend you listen to the whole documentary as it is very eye opening; however, my bit is at the end of part one (21 minutes in), and the beginning of part two (finish at 3 minutes in). Below you can read a Newsbeat article about the Radio documentary. 

                 I am honoured to be a Trustee of Access Dorset, where I am also volunteering with their project, 'Independence Street' as a news anchor and journalist. Independence Street is a community TV show that empowers disabled people within our communities to express their voice, about matters that are important to them, as well as showcasing the talents and attributes of disabled people. The beauty of Independence Street is that we go into our communities and train people as journalist, and they too can get involved making the films, about what is important in their lives, so that they too are empowered to express their voice and help make change. This is a video of our big idea.... about half way, our official trailer for Independence Street begins...​ For more information please see 'Inspire to Volunteer' page.

Disclaimer:  I am not an Autistic Spectrums Disorder expert, nor am I a Therapy Professional. Any advice I give is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered professional advice. Professionals, such as teachers, doctors and therapist should be consulted before any life style changes are made, This website, and my services, should not be seen as a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy. I refer to myself as a professional; however this is due to my experiences as an individual with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and not due to my qualifications. Everything on this website is written from experiences and my own personal opinions. I hope to educate and inspire others with my knowledge.  I can not guarantee any personal success or results, and will no be held responsible for any lack of success. 

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AKO - The Autism Hero Awards

​ Anna Kennedy Online is a wonderful resource, that I have been priviledged to be involved with in the past. Here are her special awards, that recognise excellence within our autistic communities. If you are inspired by someone who has Autism or Aspergers Syndrome, then you can go a head and nominate them- recognition could give them the hope they need, in order to succeed with happiness and inner peace! Check out my list of motivating role models for inspiration.
One winner from last year, I nominated for a world award, this year, with ANCA, Naturally Autistic. Fingers crossed! 

ITV Fixers- 'IFightfor' Disability Awareness Campaign

I was fortunate to be involved with this wonderful disability awareness music event, hosted by the one and only Chandos. Chandos is a friend of mine, who also volunteered with the Chatterbox disability youth group. To help combat bullying and discrimination and raise awareness of disabilities, he hosted a wonderful music event, with motivational speakers, with the help with Fixers, an ITV charity, that enables young people to make changes within their community, about matters that are important to them. I did a speech for the event, about my Aspergers Syndrome, and was interviewed about bullying with a few Chatterbox members. To say the event was a brilliant success is an understatement, everyone was inspired, motivated and positive as well as empowering disabled people to share their talents and stories too. Check out Chandos’s story on my inspiring role model page!

             Becoming a finalist to YMCA England Youth Matters Awards

This award will always be very special to me, as this was my first ever National award that I had somehow won. It still shocks me, and I count my blessings with everyday that passes, that people have had faith in me, and have empowered me. The motivation that succeeded within me after winning this first award, has since driven me to better my activism for the autistic community. My journey has spiralled form there, and empowered me with happiness and inner peace.

Within this video, you get a chance to meet the other two finalist, Gemma and Hugo, and become inspired by their awesome achievements.
Check them out :)

​​​​BBC Politics Show

With the help of my brilliant family and my work with BBC Generation, I did an interview for TV; BBC's "Politics Show" back in March 2015.

In the show I discuss disability rights, education, 'The Safe Places Scheme' and discrimination.
I feel honored that I have had the opportunity to express such passions of mine, to raise awareness of important things,  on TV. I love that there was a debate by M.P's about the topics that I discussed; very interesting!

UPDATED: Aspergerworld : Her Fairy Jam Jar Episode on Award Winning American TV Series.

 I am over the moon to announce that our episode "Aspergerworld: Her Fairy Jam Jar" has won 3rd place in the 'Diversity empowerment' category at the Media, TV and Radio awards out of all states in the North East USA. My, now award winning, episode, with the wonderful Fairy Tale Team, has aired across American TV; wi
th Fairy Tale fans watching in 110 countries. I am so pleased that my message to spread positive awareness and understanding of the hidden hardships, and the quirks, of my disability has been enabled to help the Autistic Community internationally! SUMMARY: The first half an hour is talking about the hidden hardships and quirks and after that is about my volunteering, school, and advise I have for employers whilst interviewing Autistic candidates. Enjoy!

COMING SOON: VLOG "The Worries of Warriors"
With these videos I explore the worries those on the Autistic Spectrum might have, and try to show how we can be warriors - and over come these worries.

The Worry this term is Pain - Many people on the Autistic Spectrum suffer with un explained chronic pain, as a result of meltdowns, tics, information overloads, fatigue and stress. I too suffer with severe chronic pain due to my disability; but the doctors cant see any medical reason why!
Worse of all, people who don't understand the massive impact of chronic pain, would say I was exaggerating or lying about my symptoms.
 To raise awareness and understanding of chronic pain and disability, I will become a "Worry Warrior" and create a Video of "pain body art", where I have illustrated on my body, what my pain would look like, if it was visable, and describe just what the impact is to live with severe chronic pain.

        'Independence Street' TV Show - 'Access Dorset'

Appearances on an Award Winning American TV series "Fairy Tale Access" , BBC Politics Show, The Global 'Autism Show' Radio Pod Cast, and Radio One with George the Poet and his brother Kenny.

​​​​UPDATED: Safe Places Scheme winning the National Accessible Britain Challenge Awards.
I am delighted to announce that 'The Safe Places Scheme' in Bournemouth and Poole won a national prestigious award. The Safe Places Scheme is invaluable and I am proud to be a part of something so special and life changing. By providing public Safe Havens, the scheme can aid disabled people to learn life skills whilst making public places more accessible; the best part is that this scheme really makes a difference. This is because thousands of disabled people live in fear to access places they need to, due to alarming rates of disability hate crime (1,200 disability hate crimes every week with a 1% prosecution rate) with 8 out of 10 disabled people experiencing regular bullying. The Safe Places Scheme provides reassurance that in times of need, there is somewhere safe they can go to in order to get help from trained staff members. I helped develop this scheme in my community; finding appropriate Safe Places (shops & community centers) and trained staff members so they can best help disabled people in their care. To find out more please see “Inspire” - “My Awards and What I Do”.

        Health Watch Dorset - #BeYourself video of young people voices

This video is incredibly powerful and eye opening, a must see if you wish to step in to the world of young people.
Health watch created this wonderful campaign, that empowered hundreds of young people regionally to express their voices about what it is like to be "yourself" and provide support for those struggling. Young people from across Dorset were invited to be vocal through creative expressions; film, art, photography or writing. I participated in this project by writing a blog, and in HealthWatchs words "helped inspire 600 young people to express their voices."

Link here->

           The Chatterboxes Youth Disability Group Promo film

The Chatterboxes are an inspiring multi award winning group of young disabled people from Bournemouth (where I live) who volunteer, make a magazine and provide training for the public, to make positive community change, and make the world a better place for disabled people. The Chatterboxes have changed my life. I owe my happiness and inner peace to the Chatterboxes, for opening doors and showing me my talents and teaching me my life skills.
​This film gives a tiny insight to how incredible these people are... take a look! For more information about this life changing volunteering group, check out my website page "Inspire to Volunteer".

   Below are the videos of some of my volunteering adventures... Anything from raising awareness, awards, my work in the media, my disability youth groups and charity projects, and the organisations I volunteer with own brilliant work... check it out!

Life Behind the Lens - Living with Autism 

These 2 wonderful and eye opening films were created by Chatterbox Youth Disability members who have shared their experiences of the different depths of life with a disability on the Autistic Spectrum, to help others.
I was interviewed and also participated in this film.

What I hope this film portrays is that, these young vulnerable people have come so far, since starting the Chatterboxes, and how through creative expressions, and a different perspective, they have been empowered to express their voices about matters that are important to them - and forge change.
 Go Chatterboxes!

"Our Love Rushes over like a Tidal Wave...White Christmas Dip 2015”
First up, I should let you in on a family tradition; every year on Christmas day, we participate in a charity event, that ends the year with a big splash! 

Here’s the thing, every year on Christmas day my family and I wear fancy dress (and the thickest , most chunkiest wet suit known to man kind!) and run screaming into the cold waves of the sea; jumping, laughing and freezing ourselves silly. Every year more and more people take part nationwide, and together we have an awesome time. The best part is while we are having a great experience sharing the love, it’s also to raise over £35,000 for our local Cancer trust. 
This video celebrates the human ability to love; to love each other and our love to help; no matter what. 700+ people came together on Christmas day to share the love... and it was incredible!

Videos that are COMING SOON:
             I will film myself completing challenging and fun tasks; anything from cooking pasta, catching a train, doing some charity work or doing a speech... watch and see just how hilarious, heart warming, and disastrous the outcomes can be! I plan to raise awareness of the quirks and challenges of Asperger's through the wonderful medium of filmography and I hope you all feel inspired or enlightened by the results.

'The Autism Show' Radio Pod Cast

                 I have been honoured to follow in Temple Grandin's Footsteps, by being invited to be interviewed on a global 'The Autism Show'.

The Autism Show is a radio show dedicated to bringing listeners interviews from world experts and the best global initiatives to best help our Autistic Community,  and so it is an honour to participate. On the pod cast, me and the lovely host Catherine discuss my disability, my activism and my book "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar". Please check out their podcasts, most inspirational and helpful. 
To Listen:

COMING SOON: VLOG "Submit a Soaker"
I will film myself answering spontaneous interesting questions about Aspergers to demonstrate how hard I find answering questions, or thinking, under pressure. and if I get the question wrong... well, I get a bucket filled with water thrown over my head! Obviously I REALLY don’t want to be soaked on film, so that’s a big pressure to get the answer right... but will my Asperger's allow me to answer correctly? Or will brain fog, over loads and meltdowns hinder me?

Please see "Questions and Answers" for more information; including questions I will answer and why I find answering impromptu questions such a struggle.