This section of my website is a filmed question and answers session, with a twist.

To demonstrate just how difficult answering questions while under pressure is for those on the spectrum, I am going to do something a little.... crazy.

Whenever someone sends me a particularly interesting question (not already listed in my question and answers section), I will film myself answering it, and if I get the answer wrong... I get a bucket filled with water thrown over my head! Obviously I REALLY don’t want to be filmed getting absolutely soaked, so that’s a big pressure to get the answer right... but will my Asperger's allow me to answer correctly?
Tune in, and find out!

Videos of Volunteering

Here you can watch my appearance on American TV, BBC Politics Show, and listen to my Radio interview with BBC Radio ONE, for the feature I starred in called "Stories from the Spectrum".
UPDATED: 'Capture a Challenge'
This section of my website is all about me exploring the depths of my disability through challenging myself - and filming the results!
I have filmed myself completing challenging (for me) and fun tasks; anything from cooking pasta, catching a train, doing some charity work or doing a speech.Watch and see just how hilarious, heart warming, and disastrous the outcomes can be! My first video will be this years White Christmas Dip.

​COMING SOON: 'The Worries of Warriors'
As part of my 'Capture a Challenge' series, I will become a "Worry Warrior" - which is a set of videos that focus on the worries those on the autistic spectrum may have; and tips to overcome these worries (to be become a worry warrior). My first video in this series will be about the Autistic spectrum and the hidden world of pain. To raise awareness and understanding of chronic pain and disability, I will become a "Worry Warrior" and create a Video of "pain body art".

 Here you can watch my appearance on Award Winning American TV Series - "Fairy Tale Access", BBC Politics Show and BBC Radio ONE. You can also see other challenges such as our Safe Places Scheme winning the National Accessible Britain Award, Friendship Festival, The White Christmas Dip and my speech at the "National Children and Adult Services' Annual Conference. Just click on "Capture a Challenge" below.