Autism Activism

"The presentation was lovely and very interesting! The activities were really eye opening. I learnt how many disabilities are hidden and are just as severe as other physical disabilities. I found Joely’s speech really inspiring. ”

Anonymous young person at a National Citizen Service disability workshop.

"Joely is a young individual who has Aspergers Syndrome ...who braced us with her presence on stage... It was inspiring, moving and heartfelt... Joely’s speech was said with ease and integrity and by far she stole the show."

Anonymous Health Watch employee. I Spoke at the National Children and Adult Services annual conference for NHS England and the Department for Health, in front of 300-400 seniors and Directors of Health in England. 2015

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I am a multi award winning Public Speaker and Disability Awareness Workshop Presenter and Designer (please see "Inspire " - "My Awards and What I Do" for more information). These passions have enabled me to achieve my dream of creating positive change for people in the Autistic Community.

My aim is to change lives; by raising understanding and awareness of the hidden aspects of the disability. I do this by going into schools and conferences and speaking to professionals, parents and young people alike about what the disability means and challenging misconceptions.

 I love what I do, and I adore watching the change in the people I work with; blossoming like flowers to the sun with a new understanding and acceptance. I love being able to bring an understanding of the disability, but more importantly a positive outlook. I love talking to about the difficulties and pointing out their positives, and leaving with relieved smiles, a can do attitude and a mind full of the possibilities.

If you feel I could help you, whether it be a 1-2-1 Role Model Workshop, speaking to a small group or a large conference, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

“I found out that not all disabilities cause people problems. They can still progress in the future. Joely you are an inspirational and an amazing young lady and a massive help"

Anonymous young person who experienced one of my workshops


"The BEST  [Autism] Training Session I have ever had the Pleasure to Attend. AspergerWorld is a Brilliant Autism Training Workshop with Very Effective Learning Tools, Amazing Activities. I Gained a Greater Understanding of Life with ASD and Thoroughly Enjoyed the Activities and Knowledge of Joely Colmer. I would Certainly Recommend AspergerWorld"

“Joely’s talk made you realise that a disability does not necessarily always hinder you but can empower you.
I found her speech very powerful and inspirational. It made me change my perspective on people/life, and really helped me understand hidden disabilities. Love the fact that she refers to it as a gift.”


“Raising awareness about disabilities is very important and I really think Joely has been able to do it in an effective and interactive way. I thought that Joely’s speech was very inspirational. It was interesting to find out more about the problems disabled people have to fare daily.”

Anonymous young person who experienced a disability awareness workshop.

"Speech was amazing.
I understand more about autism and it has made me want to fight discrimination against the disabled more than previously.
Joely is a gift to society."

Anonymous young person at a Disability and bullying Awareness Workshop I helped to host and spoke at.


"AMAZING!!! The Presentation is a Real Eye Opener into the ‘AspergerWorld’.  Amazing Activities to Demonstrate how Autism Feels were Very Useful. I was Interested Throughout, Really Enjoyed Listening about Aspergers from Someone who has it, as it is Real, not just Someone who has Learnt about it. I Understand Autism more. I Recommend AspergerWorld."

“Having lived with someone who has Asperger's for 5 years I didn’t even realize that it could be so debilitating and so useful at the same time.... It is such a discreet condition. I enjoyed the final speech because it shows that something positive can come from something ‘negative’.”

Anonymous  person who experienced one of my workshops.

Disclaimer: I am not an Autistic Spectrums Disorder expert, nor am I a Therapy Professional. Any advice I give is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered professional advice. Professionals, such as teachers, doctors and therapist should be consulted before any life style changes are made, This website, and my services, should not be seen as a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy. Anyone participating in any of my workshop or training sessions are doing so at their own risk, I do not and can not take any responsabilty for any damage to person or products / equipment. I refer to myself as a professional; however this is due to my experiences as an individual with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and my experiences as an Autism Activist and Trainer; not due to my qualifications. Everything on this website is written from experiences and my own personal opinions. I hope to educate and inspire others  with my knowledge.  I can not guarantee any personal success or results, and will not be held responsible for any lack of success. 

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"An Inspiring, Interesting and Fantastic Workshop.Very Informative, Interesting and Emotional; Great Activities and Props to Provide Greater Understanding and Fuller Insights into the World of Autism. Wouldn't Improve and Would Deffinitly Recommend."

 “ I found the session really well organised and it taught me many new things especially in relation to Aspergers!! Joely’s speech was really inspiring and I found listening to her achievements really encouraging!! ”

Anonymous young person at a National Citizen Service disability workshop.


 My Inspiring and Educational Book 'AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar' is now available to order :)

Written by me, a young female who has Aspergers Syndrome; my book aims to appeal to young people with an Autistic Disorder, but also parents and professionals working with Autism, too. My book follows my journey through childhood into adulthood and everything that comes with it.

 Learn about my analogy that living with Asperger's is like being a little fairy, stuck inside a quaint jam jar; witnessing the world from a different angle. Be intrigued by the technical aspects of Asperger’s syndrome as I give personal stories that bring the very clinical information to life. Discover why I learnt to write in Hieroglyphics at the age of 7 and why a bubble wand and a handkerchief was my favourite toy called “Church”. Follow me through the emotional journey of my school life. Laugh out loud at my thumbs ‘Muk and Mukka’ as they help me with my spellings and read the 20 things I hear in a ‘silent’ exam hall. Be swept away by the detail I see while spending 74 seconds underwater and why as a child it was my only form of escapism. Cry with me, smile with me and be astounded by my honesty.
With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust, may you, too, be enchanted by "My Fairy Jam Jar".

If you would like to read my endorsements, written by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, a world leading expert in Autism research,  OBE Loraine Peterson, who is a trustee of National Charity “Ambitious about Autism" and Jeffrey Newman, who is the founder of the international charity, “The Earth Charter”, please click on the link below.

NEW: 'Step into AspergerWorld' is an interactive, memorable and informative look at the hidden depths of the Autistic Spectrum, from my personal and professional highly reviewed insight, provided within my book. 'Step Into AspergerWorld' has been designed for SEN/ Professionals, Schools, Charities, Conferences, and can be tailored for those with disabilities on the Spectrum and their families, based on my book "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar" content.

”Truly inspiring. I believe Joely’s speech was “magical” in her fairy ways and she should keep striving for her dreams because she is amazing fantabulous. I feel much more aware and enlightened, thank you for making an impact on our lives. XX”

Anonymous young person who experienced one of my workshops