UPDATED with 2 Awards:
​Here you can read about my biggest passion; Volunteering.
On this page you can also read about the awards I have won as a result of my volunteering.

Inspire To Volunteer


Be inspired by my list of incredible role models; learn about their talents, and what they have achieved.

Get motivated to take my Positivity Challenge and become a more positive version of yourself. Take a look at my gallery of Super Smilers, to see who has taken my Positivity Challenge and felt more positive for it. Last of all, learn about my biggest passion; volunteering.

Volunteer and Support 'Blogs'

Everyone feels negative from time to time, and I am no exception. The truth is, it took me years to see my disability as a gift.
I've designed this Positivity Challenge with the hope that it will challenge your own negative perceptions and make you a more positive version of yourself.

​ANCA, Naturally Autistic celebrate the global Autistic communities talents, and kind attributes, Here I have recognised some of the Autistic people, or those who help the Autistic Community,  whom I was privileged to meet at the World Autism Festival.
​These are role models and activists in their own rights, with varying talents and all sharing one thing in common, kind attributes and quirks that come with life on the Autism Spectrum. 

Feel inspired to change your life? 
Here's where to start...

Here you will find a host of inspiring role models; an ever growing list of people who motivate me. Celebrities and people like you or I, who ooze enthusiasm and motivation, who will make you feel as if anything is possible.

If you are or someone you know is a role model, you could be recognized as an Inspiring and Awesome Role Model, in my Role Model Gallery!