UPDATED with 2 Awards:
​Here you can read about my biggest passion; Volunteering.
On this page you can also read about the awards I have won as a result of my volunteering.

Inspire To Volunteer


Learn about my biggest passion, volunteering and how it changed my life.

Get motivated to take my Positivity Challenge and become a more positive version of yourself. Take a look at my gallery of Super Smilers, to see who has taken my Positivity Challenge and felt more positive for it. Last of all, learn about my biggest passion; volunteering.

Volunteer and Support 'Blogs'

Everyone feels negative from time to time, and I am no exception. The truth is, it took me years to see my disability as a gift.
I've designed this Positivity Challenge with the hope that it will challenge your own negative perceptions and make you a more positive version of yourself.

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