"Insightful, Beautiful, Enchanting Book; Essential reading for anyone who's life has been touched by Autism!” 
Written by a mother of an Autistic teenager

"I wish I had this wonderful book when my Autistic son was small. I have shed so many tears of sadness and joy.
As a mother who constantly seeks to gain insight into "his world" I find this book to be essential reading for any parent, teacher, professional, in fact anyone who's life has been touched by Autism. 

Every time I open it's pages I learn new things and understand more about the son I thought I knew so well! 
This beautifully written book has opened my eyes to things my son has been unable to express.

We read a little at a time together and he has been able to say "That's me, that's how it is for me." It is, and will continue to help us through what has been a difficult time as he struggles for independence and finding his feet in the world.

​Thank you Joely Colmer I'm so glad I've found your amazing book!"

"Sparkles with Passion and Insight; Inspiring Book is a Very Important Contribution to the Understanding of Asperger’s and Autism. Everyone Should Read ‘AspergerWorld.’"

Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah, Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue
"Asperger World: My Fairy Jam Jar by Joely Colmer sparkles with passion and insight and generosity of spirit. Joely Colmer's journey to accept herself and appreciate her 'disability' as a gift, is translated in her wonderful book into an invitation to others, as Joely puts it, to: "Somebody learning about their own disability, a parent seeking knowledge to help their Autistic child, a teacher wishing to make school learning more bearable, anyone who wants to gain an understanding of someone with Autistic Disorders" (pp. 356-7).

Every page of this inspiring book shines with Joely Colmer's willingness to communicate and raise awareness. By sharing her perspective and experience, Joely Colmer has made a very important contribution to the understanding of Asperger’s and Autism. Everyone should read ‘AspergerWorld.’"

"Fascinating, Captivating, and Wonderfully Written."

Written by *Claire, a professional with personal experience and interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders

"Fascinating, bewitching and wonderfully written. One of Aspergerworlds strengths is it's informative, interesting yet witty and entertaining insights - It helps inform readers, and creates that bond.

The jam jar metaphor works exceptionally well, painting a poetic and strong picture. Love the illustrations.

'Aspergerworld: my fairy jam jar' is Magical and Captivating."

​"There should be copies everwhere; This book is a highly useful, extremely thought provoking, very honest and a moving resource. You must buy."

​Written by Martin, a Journalist interested in Autism

"Aspergerworld: My Fairy Jam Jar is a new book from Autism activist Joely Colmer through which she shares her own inspirational life story. The book takes us through the life journey of Joely. From her childhood challenges, to to her successful completion of her education to her current position as a passionate and crusading autism activist and a campaigner working tirelessly to raise awareness amongst the public.

However, there's a good deal more to this book than that. It's also a highly useful resources for people who are living on the Autistic Spectrum, offering them useful tips and hints for coping with their daily lives. There is also useful information for their family members and for professional health personnel on how they can best offer support and appropriate assistance to the person on the Autistic Spectrum.
It is an extremely thought-provoking and very honest and moving book.

If you have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, have a family member or a friend who is ASD, if you are a teacher, a Doctor, a nurse, a psychologist or a school counsellor, you must buy this book.
Seriously, you must buy this book. There should be copies in every hospital resource library, every school, every doctor's surgery, every university and every FE college throughout the UK. It will make a wonderful gift for anyone who needs to learn more about Autism."

"Masterfully written, amazing, eye opening, intelligent, insightful and artful book
The best Autie book Ive read."

I couldn’t wait to start reading your story. gone and flicked through My Fairy in a Jam Jar and the drawings are amazing.

You got me hooked line and sinker as them say. Already over halfway through your masterfully written Aspergers world encyclopaedia here in ole kiwi.

Its a right blinder and bloody well the best autie book I have gone and read.

It’s sad and funny and it is touching and heart warming. Such a eye opening and intelligent insight. And it is relatable. empathetic and them say an autie such as yourself have no empathy.

Yours is an amazing artful book that changes prior autism judgements and has opened my eyes to not only how I see the world, but how others see as well. I have learnt such a lot.

Thanks Joely for teaching me to think outside that box and adapt to the outside world and help the people struggling in the outside world.

Can highly recommend as a superb gift. Them folks of yours must be proud and I wish y’all Good luck in the future.”

"I was Laughing and Crying".
Written by Laurence, a family member of someone who has Aspergers Syndrome.

​"I was laughing and crying the whole way through. So very eye opening; an absolutely brilliant insight.
​I absolutely loved it."


            "Insightful & Helpful; Joely's Colours Really Shine Through In This Lovely Book"​

Written by Jane, a family member of someone with Autism and Mental Health Issues.

"AspergerWorld was so accessible and gave such insight to Joely's experiences growing up. The glimpse into her AspergerWorld will help me to be more understanding and tolerant of people (especially children), who don’t quite seem to fit in the box – such a boring box, anyway! Joely's colours really shine through brightly in this lovely book."

Stay tuned to read more reviews :)

Endorsements and Nominations

Review and Endorsement for "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, FBA
Professor of Developmental Psychopathology,
 A World Leading Expert in Autism Research
Cambridge University.

"Joely Colmer's beautiful book is a valuable contribution: We learn most about autism from those with autism who can communicate their experience of what helps and what makes things worse. Joely's attractive illustrations and clear writing is an inspiring account of how to feel proud of one's autism and one's difference. She explains how others can either compound the disability, or minimise it. And she reminds us that we can change our perception of autism to reveal each person's talents."

Review and Endorsement for my "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"

Denise-Marie McIntosh
Producer and Host of Award Winning American TV Series
​ "Fairy Tale Access" at "Access Nashua"

More often than not we’ve heard about Autism and Aspergers from those who have done clinical observations and/or from the parent’s perspective.  Miss. Colmer has Aspergers and her book gives us the tools to understand the sensations of actually living in her world.  Written as a first hand account and completed in a way that others who haven’t actually been inside her world, can only speculate at.

As parents you understand your child the best; but until a child can get to a point of articulating what they are actually feeling or experiencing in life, it’s hard to understand the why.

Miss Colmer, invites you into her world a world that is amazing and frightening.  But it puts things in perspective, helping anyone understand what a child and/or adult on the spectrum might be going through.  I highly recommend it, it’s one of the best books on the subject that I’ve read in a decade.

"Joely is a great, loyal inspiring and caring friend, whopm inspires her friends and encourages them to try and try again. As a role model you must be able to look out for people and show empathy and support for people around you, and have clear self values which you act on to make a difference and this is what makes Joely special. She had lots of positive dreams and visions, and she allows people to get creative and visualise for themselves what their "hidden gifts" are. Joely the most kindest role model who can help people establish the future they want. Her story serves as a motivation for other people out there like me, encouraging us to go out there and be the best we can be. But most importantly Joely's life has proven to the world that having a disability is not the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a adventure of learning about your “hidden gifts”. I was fortunate to attend a disability awareness workshop Which Joely designed, and did the most spectacular speech, intriguing us all to change our perceptions. she enables people to see strength in themselves they never realized was there. Joely has changed her life around and she is remarkable to say the least. Everyone has a story and everyone has a challenge they have to overcome, but the most important thing is not how big the problem is, but how you decide to look at it and overcome it. This is what makes Joely so special, as she faced up to her disability and made the best out of it, and is such a wonderful and inspiring friend. Good luck kiddo! x"

"I would like to nominate Joely because she is an inspiration to many young people and adults. Joely transferred to a main stream school at the start of year 7 from a special school. She was then diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. School was challenging for Joely and she came such along way whilst she was there. She faced many challenges which many of us take for granted. Joely left school and attended college. People have taken advantage of her good nature and each time she has got back up and moved forward. Joely now spreads the word about disabilities and has written a book to help others with the same condition. I am so proud that I was lucky enough to teach her and get to know this very, very special young lady. Joely is an inspiration to not only others with the same condition but to us all. She managed to do all of this whilst supporting her mum through an illness which shook the whole family. Joelys work is to support others and she has dedicated many years, even though she is so young to help others. I think she deserves to win due to her commitment and dedication to her cause".

"Joely is a former pupil of mine. Her journey was not straight forward, she began in year 7, diagnosed as having ASD and associated difficulties. I spent several years trying to understand her world, yet Joely did something so remarkable, so unexpected, she managed to step into mine and inspire me too; she initially struggled academically and socially, so back then I could not have envisaged her being a public speaker and accomplished communicator, how embarrassingly wrong was I there to have been so short sighted? Joely is an inspiration not only to me, but also to all young people, disabled and abled alike, she is a voice of hope and reason. I have now become the student and Joely has become my teacher, she has written a most magnificent book, which gives remarkable insight into her world as someone with ASD, a world that I could not understand back then, but now, thanks to this courageous young woman well, it is difficult for me to explain the positive impact; I would have once upon a time believed it to have been an improbable trait for someone with ASD to be empathetic, she has opened my eyes and my mind. Her tireless work inspiring and encouraging pupils from her former school and around the country, her courageous efforts and achievments as a public speaker, speaking up for disabled young people, educating all involved, changing and enhancing lives for the better. I shall be eternally grateful to Joely for all the voluntary help, support and guidance that she is now providing to the students at our school who I work with and to me and their families too. Witnessing how Joely's voluntary work with these students is already showing amazing outcomes and possibilities for them, giving them the confidence and feeling of self worth, a sense of being valued as an individual, just meeting and speaking and listening to Joely has been a ground breaking moving forwards into a far better future for all of us at school, she has walked that hard journey herself and is selflessly going back to help others to walk through their personal journey, how wonderful is that? In short, while I was attempting to understand the world of disabled people, Joely overcame all obstacles and learned to be in mine in order to help me and others to achieve our personal goals & by seeing things through our eyes she has enabled us to empathise and to break down those barriers that we ourselves had ingnorantly put up; Joely has not only been the voice for the disabled, but she has helped them to find their voices too, enabling them to be heard and valued for who they are and not what the label would have many of us believe that they are. Thank you Joely from the bottom of my heart!"

"To Reach the Jaw Dropping Place where Joely Colmer is Now from Where she was when she left School is Incredible: to do this with a Disability on the Spectrum is Pretty Mind Blowing and Even More Impressive………and then to Devote so Much of her Time, Energy and Fantastic Ideas to Inspire Others to Follow Her Brilliant Example, is Truly Exceptional.

 "Joely Colmer's strength of personality shone from the pages of her recent application to be part of our 'BBC Generation 2015' youth engagement project. Saying that she 'loves' her disability and that it is 'a gift' is a powerful and important message to send to peers and younger people with similar conditions. She so clearly has a passion for positively representing her disability, and for putting herself 'out there' as a role model to others. Joely also has a rare talent, in that she is exceptionally good at articulating what it's like to have Aspergers Syndrome. I was blown away by the candid, honest, and positive insight that she was able to provide for my recent BBC Radio 1 documentary 'Stories from the Spectrum'. I had anticipated using four or five minutes of Joely in my programme; in the end I used nearly 20 minutes because so much of the content she provided was so compelling and insightful. I am more than happy to support Joely's nomination for this award, and wish her every success. "

- "Joely is a fantastic ambassador for young people as well as those with disabilities. Leading by example, and overcoming significant health problems and disability, she demonstrates that all young people have the potential to succeed and inspires all those around her to try and make a difference. Her positive energy and bubbling enthusiasm sees her jump at any opportunity to raise awareness, challenge prejudice and educate others. Despite having delayed speech in childhood and partial deafness, as well as low confidence, she constantly strives to push beyond her comfort zone and takes public speaking in her stride as she knows just how important it is to share her story ain order to help others understand autism and the challenges it presents for those living with the condition. Joely is a wonderful, humorous, intelligent and thoughtful individual who quickly becomes a role model for everyone she meets. Her hard work, tenacity and determination has taken her to places far beyond what many people her age would dream of and the recognition she has received at every level, including the Prime Minister and 10 Downing Street, is testament to the impact that her work and campaigning is having. I worked closely with Joely in her role as a YMCA ambassador (a programmed which I co-ordinate) and her constant enthusiasm and willingness to say yes, as well as encourage and inspire her peers makes her a dream to work with. "

"I have known Joely for just two months because I have been volunteering with the Chatterbox project since January. Honestly, I was quite impressed with her because she is an extremely positive and proactive person, using her energy to inspires the community. She is really enthusiastic and passionate about disability issues and I personally think that she is making a big difference in our society. In January I went to a meeting with my supervisor and her and I was strongly and favorably affected by how confident and passionate she was about speaking in public of her own experience as a young woman with Asperger's in order to make the voices of disabled young people heard. She is a role model for other young people with disabilities because she is getting the message across to people that through determination, motivation and passion everything is impossible. Therefore, I strongly believe that she is making a positive contribution to the community by being actively involved and the protagonist of many different initiatives and projects in order to bring about concrete changes in people's lives. "

"I have a daughter with Downs Syndrome. Like Joely she has and will face many challenges. People like Joely will make a difference to her future. She is changing people's perception of disability. She's a wonderful, caring person and I'm looking forward to her being part of my daughters life as she grows up. "

"Joely began volunteering for Bournemouth YMCA for over 4 years. Joely has Asperger Syndrome and feels passionate about improving the future for people with disabilities. She has been heavily involved in several projects for young people with disabilities and thrives in supporting others to achieve. When she first began, she was very quiet and nervous but she has now blossomed into a confident young lady who runs workshops about disabilities within schools and youth settings, speaks about her experiences of having Asperger Syndrome to large crowds and helps create a magazine for young people with disabilities. She is also heavily involved in developing the Safe Places scheme for disabled young people in the Bournemouth area as well as participating in advisory groups for Bournemouth Borough Council about services for disabled young people. She is an inspiring individual. "


"I'm Joely's Hairdresser, Joely is a fantastic, artistic, kind and loving person, She always makes me smile. I'm fascinated by hearing Joely's story's of how far she's come and how much help and support to others that she gives! She's just a WONDERFUL young lady!! "

"I work in an environment where people have generally lived a successful full life but are now trapped in a different world due to their Alzheimer's and Dementia, it is clear that as a society mental illness is not treated in the same way as physical illness and Joely is driving people to think outside the box in a carefree fun way so as not to embarrass. Joely has turned a negative into a positive and is giving back to her piers. She is taking the lessons she has learnt and moving forwards challenging others to take a good look at themselves and also have a can do attitude. It is important that we all take on these lessons, focus on what we can do rather than what we can't and forge change. So many lessons to be covered off here, bullying, how we communicate with others and looking at the simple joy of family, loving and giving. We all have to present in some way or another in our working lives, and Joely has done this publicly against the odds. I work with seniors and love every day of my work, I want to make a difference, but how much better is it to make a difference early in someone's life so that they can help change us and our attitudes, to share true life experience and build on it is a total gift."

"truly proactive in raising awareness for disabilities and a beacon for others to follow! "

"Joely is such an inspiration, I've heard her speak before and know her story. I really think she deserves to win because as with all her success so far it will only go to motivate her more in all she does. She's a modern day hero! "

"For her commitment to promote a positive image of people with disabilities - a group of people who have so much to offer yet are sadly often over looked by today's society"

"Joely is an inspiration all round and I'm so proud to be related to her!"

"Joely is one of the most amazing, brave, compassionate and lovely Young ladies that I know. She has such a heart to help folk and goes out of her way to do so. She very much deserves recognition for all she does."

"She is inspiring young woman, giving a face and a name to a condition that is exploited for entertainment and mischaracterized in the media. She is, quite literally, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. "

"Because Joely is awesome"

 "I am voting for Joel, as she is such an inspiration for other young people."

"As a fellow Positive Role Model - Disability nominee and fellow autistic person, I am thrilled to endorse Joely for the fantastic work she's done, not only raising awareness of autism but also mental health issues and other disabilities. I met Joely via BBC Generation 2015 and we've tweeted each other about our projects - it's wonderful to see others so committed to their causes, especially one as vital as autism awareness!"

"She does great work n is always think bout others"

"Joely is my daughter, I have seen her combat her disability showing emence courage batteling away to help others , Education by presentation is one of her inspirational roles, explaining to teachers social workers and other professionals about Asperger syndrome She deserves this award for al of her tirless work to help others whilst suffering sometimes in agony , she is truly inspirational her book, yet to be published will help sufferers, families and all professionals conected with Asperger syndrome,"

"What I find inspiring about Joely is the way in which she clearly embraces Asperger's. She changes perceptions and breaks down barriers. Not only is what Joely has achieved incredible, she writes about a world that few people know about and even fewer are able to articulate. There's no question that Joely is a positive role model."

"Joely is one of the most amazing, brave, compassionate and loverly Young ladies that I know. She has such a heart to help folk and goes out of her way to do so. She very much deserves recognition for all she does."

"She is inspiring young woman, giving a face and a name to a condition that is exploited for entertainment and mischarchterized in the media. She is, quite literally, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. "

"Because Joely is awesome"

"I am voting for Joel, as she is such an inspiration for other young people."

"Joely is such a lovely young woman. She has been such a help with our daughter, Marceline, who has panic attacks and ocd and other gifts as Joely calls them. She shows what is possible even if you have these gifts. You can see from her list all the great things she does here in Bournemouth. A worthy winner XXXX"

"Joely is very creative, with a shed load of ideas! I met her when she volunteered for a few weeks as part of a Team v campaign, called 'Love is'. She clearly had passion about this campaign and helped stage a successful stall at a local leisure complex. Joely has certain issues that she has real passion for and a drive to make a difference."

With a passion to improve the lives of others rarely thinking about herself or her personal circumstances, Joely jumps at the chance to do all she can to help. Joely is easily the most enthusiastic person I have ever met, and the only person that comes to mind when I think of inspiration and determination to make change.

- "The lady is amazing and deserves to win. Through thick and thin, always putting others first, she devotes herself to what she believes in. Joely is truly a wonder. God bless her."

  "This young lady has done more in her lifetime than most will ever hope to achieve. Which, when you take on board the disabilities that she has overcome, and still overcomes on a daily basis, is just staggering. When you meet her, you wouldn't know that there is anything wrong with her, but listen to her story. It is quite humbling. When she speaks, her enthusiasm for life and her passion to help other people simply shines thro'. I have stress & depression issues and know what it is like 'walking thro mud', and the exhaustion that comes from simple thought processes & decision making. My episodes come & go. God only knows how Joely copes with a persistent lifetime of this sort of thing. AND manages to achieve such a lot. She deserves every award going!"

"This young lady is so selfless and just does not think of herself above others. She has done more voluntary work at her young age than most of us do in a life time. She has such a happy disposition even in the face of adversity and just puts her best foot forward and carries on. She does not complain and embraces her disability always looking at the positives within the disability."

 "Joely has worked very hard over the past few years helping others with similar disabilities and I know she's a positive role model for many young people."

"Inspiration to others"

"I've been watching Joely from afar (I live in Bedforshire) and have been so impressed and inspired by her attitude and bravery. It seems like changes peoples perspective and gives hope wherever she goes. I believe that we need more people like Joely on this planet so want to encourage her. This is the reason I'm voting. Well done Joely, you're a star!! "

"I am writing on behalf of the National Diploma Art & Design team who worked with Joely during her time at The Arts University at Bournemouth. Joely was an extremely talented and dedicated member of the student cohort who worked hard to overcome many difficulties during her time with us. She demonstrated a remarkably creative and prolific approach to all her projects and often went above and beyond what was required. Joely is a very positive individual with bundles of energy and enthusiasm as can be seen from her bio. We wish her all the best with her volunteering endeavors."

"Joely is a very joyous individual with high hopes and beautiful dreams. She has inspired many individuals on her journey and effectively 'released the bird from the cage' so that they may be free within their disability and not let it define them. Many people could learn from Joely's kind spirit and her approach to life! "

 "Joely Colmer is both an impressive young lady in her own right but also an inspirational role model, not simply for students living with an assigned disability, but for all students and all she encounters. Not only is she determined, hard working and always gives the best of herself, it is clear that Joely Colmer is an amazing friend who has displayed generosity and spirit providing me personally with support and help when I was struggling. If she can help you… she will! Joely Colmer puts the extra effort in than ever necessary in everything she does, and that is what makes her so special. I'm so proud of what Joely Colmer's made of herself. Dealing with a disability as complex and hidden as Aspergers must be unimaginably difficult, I mean I know how hard things can sometimes be, as I have some problems myself but Joely has overcome her problems and is doing the things she wants and nothing will stop her. Joely Colmer's passion and commitment to raising awareness of disabilitys on the lesser known sepctrum is commendable and very inspiring. Jjely is a real life role model because everyone no matter who can look up to her and feel capeable in her prescence. Joely Colmer is pro-active, engaged, organised and quite simply one of the most most wonderful and inspirational role models and deserves recognition, so much so that everyone she meets is so positively encouraged that most wish to be involved in some way. A very worthy winner of this award xx"

"When I was 15 I took a course to learn sign language. It was my younger sister Joely who inspired me to do this. Despite Joely being unable to talk until she was 7 years old she could communicate through sign language, and I thought this was absolutely amazing. It took me months to learn basic sign language, but I was determined to finish the course, because if my kid sister could do it, then so could I. Joely was 9 years old when I took the course, she had no idea she inspired me to do so, and I doubt she knows she still inspires me 15 years later. Watching Joely grow up and overcome so many difficulties continues to inspire me as she has taught me that anything is possible. Thank you Joely"

"She is a lovely girl who pushes through everything to help others. A good hearted human being"

"She is an inspiration to everyone disabled or not. Totally worthy of recognition and deserves to win .z

"She is an awesome young person! She has been through an incredible amount & she just keeps on smiling! Her ability to volunteer & help others whilst suffering herself with so much on her plate is humbling and makes me want to be a better person! She is an example to society & I only wish that there were more inspiring role models like her. If it wasn't for her, people would not have thought of achieving such a high level of understanding of each other’s lives. her absolute admiration for all life has helped her through her terrible complexities & got her through to the other side that in itself is amazing to anyone suffering with handicaps like her. She strives to reach the furthest boundaries & help those in need with their goals. She is a role model, & she will stop at nothing to help you if she knows you need it! She should be rewarded at the highest possible level for what she has achieved & what she will continue to achieve & to follow her dreams to make a difference in people’s lives. she's an inspiration & I'm honoured to be classed as a friend of hers. Joely to win! :)"

"Joely the fairy is such an inspiration to us all with maturity and wisdom way above her years. Joelys a brave and strong independent fairy who has touched us all with her ability to put her best foot forward and helping other people to shine as she progresses. Joely is determined to give back for the help she received and is devoted to her projects and making the splendid difference she most certainly makes. You just know she wont give up on anyone even if they have given up on themselves and she will help them feel better and get them achieving realistic goals. When she's supporting young people she is clearly brilliant and they just look up to her so much she is such a positive influence! She really is a magically enchanting fairy who just inspires Change and belief. Joelys passion to improving the lives of others is outstanding and she rarely thinks about her personal circumstances and does not let them get in the way of what she wants to help."

"I'm voting for Joely because I'm awe inspired by her personal story of redemption and true success in the face of adversity. I am awe inspired by her, she gives me that hope i wanted. I follow Joely on Facebook and Im impressed by her willingness to put herself out there, I couldn't do it, ans that shows how special she is, just how much she has overcome. and I like the posts she puts up all about her amazing stories of what shes been up to and the amount she does is just incredible. I think it is just so lovely how Joely helps other people like us, and by saying she loves her aspergers and showing people what the qualities of our aspergers is, is so inspiring for other people like us. Joely is clearly an outstanding role model, to everyone as everyone could learn a lot from her and be inspired too."

"AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"
​Book Reviews from the Public:

       Here you can read my endorsements and reviews written about me, or my book,
"AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar".

This Video Challenges the common Misconceptions of my Book- using Readers Reviews...
* My book is is designed for autistic adults, and young people, male or females, professionals, carers or parents
* My book is split into easy chunks, to make it more accessible for readers to pick and choose a small section and read a little a time.

My book explores the hidden hardships, quirks and depths of the autistic spectrum 
* Daily Life Skills and Independence Training * Mental Health and Gaslighting * Healthy / Realtionships & Mate Crime * School and Education * Behaviour- hows and whys. * Autism, careers, autism activism and the workplace 

​​​Review and Endorsement for "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"

Lorraine Petersen OBE
Educational Consultant
Trustee of Charity "Ambitious about Autism"

A truly inspirational book that gives a passionate and insightful view of life with Asperger’s Syndrome. Joely describes the first 22 years of her life in a very down to earth, highly descriptive and often humorous dialogue reflecting on endless difficulties that she has encountered and the strategies she has developed to support her AS. Joely has used her life experiences to share the difficulties that people with Asperger’s Syndrome encounter every day and given us a reflective and passionate story that we can all learn from.
Every person who cares for or works with children and young people would benefit from reading this book. Many of the situations that Joely describes and the strategies she suggests to overcome her difficulties could be used to support any child or young person with additional needs not just those with AS.

Although Joely has encountered endless negative experiences she has remained incredibly positive and used her strengths to support and help other people as well as enjoying her own life to the full.

Although at times the descriptions are long, Joely admits that she “rambles”, they capture your imagination and make you think about times when you may have not identified a hidden disability” in someone and therefore not fully appreciated the need to adapt the way you communicate with them.

As someone who has worked with children with SEN for the last 30 years I wished I had had this book at the start of my career – it would have really influenced the way I might have interacted with some of the children I have had the pleasure to teach.

Joely has captured the true essence of how someone with a disability can overcome their difficulties and live a fully inclusive life with their family and friends. I am sure Joely will have many more stories to tell in the future.

Personal Endorsement for "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"​​

Dave Howard
BBC Television and Radio Producer
​ Programme Maker
BBC Generation

"Joely Colmer's strength of personality shines. Saying that she 'loves' her disability and that it is 'a gift' is a powerful and important message to send to peers and younger people with similar conditions. Joely also has a rare talent, in that she is exceptionally good at articulating what it's like to have Asperger's Syndrome. Joely’s extraordinary ability to describe the condition she has so that others may understand it and empathise with it is extremely rare and valuable. I was blown away by the candid, honest, and positive insight that she was able to provide; So much of the content she provides is so compelling and insightful. She so clearly has a passion for positively representing her disability, and for putting herself 'out there' as a role model to others."
Dave Howard is a BBC Television and Radio producer I worked with on a Radio One show called 'Stories from the Spectrum'. This personal endorsement is based on the interview I provided for the show.

A few of my Nominations for my most recent Awards.

Personal Endorsement for my Book “AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar”

RT HONS John Bercow
Head Speaker at the Houses of Commons
MP and Father of an Autistic child

“I have been hugely impressed hearing about the work of Joely Colmer. She is an excellent example of someone who has used her diagnosis with Asperger Syndrome to great effect.

Her commitment to voluntary work has made a huge contribution to her community. She is an inspiring figure and I wish her well”.


Review and Endorsement for "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"

Jeffrey Newman
Independent Education Management Professional
Founder of The Earth Charter UK

We all know the word 'Autism' and maybe even the word 'Asperger's' but it's likely that most of us have never met anyone with that disability. Joely Colmer has written a book to help us understand. She knows all about it - not, like an expert from the outside, but with the knowledge that only an 'insider' can provide. And, Joely writes, not only for those of us who want to know more, but also for those who have the disability and needing practical guidance. Central to her writing - and her attractive drawings - is Joely's humour and humanity. As we read the book, we pick up more and more, through Joely's stories and honest personal examples.

 So, who is Joely? True, she is quite an exceptional young woman. She was diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the age of two, couldn't speak till she was seven (which was connected with her deafness) or tie her shoelaces until she was eighteen. But she now has three A levels and in 2013, at the age of 21, won the national YMCA 'Youth Volunteer' Award.

 Joely and I met at the Explore Diversity Conference for young people from all over Dorset (where we both did a speech). The diversities including every sort of disability, as well as race and sexual differences. Her talk was inspiring. I was there, a rabbi, representing www.EarthCharter.org, speaking about the issues facing our world. Our thinking and experience connected us with one another - the need, for example, to eliminate discrimination in all its forms, such as that based on race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, religion, language, and national, ethnic or social origin and to honour and support the young people of our communities, enabling them to fulfil their essential role in creating sustainable societies.

 "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar" It’ is of importance to everyone, not only for the people with a disability but also parents, doctors, carers and the Government. The book is more like a person than a manual; human and loveable. Perhaps one day, the other sort of 'expert' might compile a 'guide' to Joely's material for teaching. Joely and I agree about so much and I very much look forward to working together. More than anything else, we agree that:

 “Life is incredible, to be alive, disabled or not, is an amazing adventure- this is why all life deserves the right to be listened to, respected, understood and helped, to aid in making life’s adventure as supported and wonderful for everyone as one can”.