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 The Autism South West Show Conference - Exhibiting Book
A new autism conference for professionals and parents -with leading practitioners and resources in the field of autism spectrum disorders to help our children and young people with autism to reach their potential.
Friday 4th November 2016
9 am to 4 pm
Venue BAWA
Course Code CONF/16/343

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Thanks to those of you who entered PosAbility Competition to win a free copy of my book 'AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar'.

​The competition is now closed - please check out PosAbility Magazine and their website to see if you have won!

Disclaimer:  I am not an Autistic Spectrums Disorder expert, nor am I a Therapy Professional. Any advice I give is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered professional advice. Professionals, such as teachers, doctors and therapist should be consulted before any life style changes are made, This website, and my services, should not be seen as a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy. I refer to myself as a professional; however this is due to my experiences as an individual with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and not due to my qualifications. Everything on this website is written from experiences and my own personal opinions. I hope to educate and inspire others  with my knowledge.  I can not guarantee any personal success or results, and will no be held responsible for any lack of success. 

NEWS and AspergerWorld in the Community:
Recent and Upcoming Activism in the UK:

Autism Awareness event - Speech, Exhibition
 Wales, Llanelli

Autism Expo Anna Kennedy Online
Speech, Exhibition

London, Brunel University

Barclays BankSpeech and Autism training
 Poole Barclays bank – live streamed nationwide

Autism Celebration Event with Focus Adult Social Care
Exhibiting and Book signing:

​Cleethorpes, Grimsby

‘BeYourself' Celebration event HealthWatch Dorset - Speech and Exhibition
AFC Bournemouth Vitality Stadium

Access Dorset 'the Bridge' Launch Event - Exhibiting, Book Signing

‘The Bridge’ Littledown Leisure centre, Bournemouth.

SEND Celebrating Diversity Conference
 - Speech, Exhibiting, Book Signing

The Vitality Stadium, AFC Bournemouth

​The Welsh Autism Show
 - Exhibiting, Book Signing
The Welsh Autism Shows provide you with face to face access to the best services, resources and provisions that are there to help individuals and families living with autism, and the professionals that support them. 
.28th September 2017
10 am – 3 pm
Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith
Cardiff, CF11
Tickets and registration: ​​

​Anna Kennedy Online Disability Fun Day Event
 - Exhibiting and Book Signing
8th October 2017
Plough Lane, Wallington, n.r Croydon, SM6 8JQ

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​Marie Claire Magazine
I feel blessed to say that I have recently been published in the world famous Marie Claire UK, Magazine, about adult life with Autism; it has received incredible feedback globally, and I am so happy that my article has helped so many people – check it out!

The Autism Show Radio PodCast

I am honoured to reveal that I have followed Temple Grandin's footsteps,  by being interviewed on
 'The Global Autism Show' Radio Podcast.
Please check out my interview, we discussed my book "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar' , my Autism Activism and life with Aspergers Syndrome. 

The Autism Show Podcast is a weekly interview show allowing leading autism advocates, educators, professionals, and organisations to share their inspirational stories and best resources with the global autism community. Leading names to be interviewed on this radio show include Temple Grandin, Areva Martin, and Tania Marshall, so its an honour to be a part of such a special community.

To listen:

My book 'AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar' is a recent best seller :)