Poppy Sargeaunt - UK Representative 

Liz Pritchard - USA Representative

Craig Quat - Wales Representative

Johnathon Andrews - ​UK Representative

Danny , a teenager with Autism, is an inspiring Artists who was awarded with the highest honorary award at this year’s World Autism Festival, for his unique artistry and entrepreneurship. Danny was also recognised as a ANCA World Ambassador, and received an award for his work in the ‘Visual Arts’, at this year’s ANCA Naturally Autistic Awards Ceremony. Whilst at the Festival, Danny had his first ever over sees art exhibitions, on the world stage, showcasing his immense talents and entrepreneurship as an autistic individual. Danny is inspiring and very talented and I’m glad to have met him at the festival this year, for a chance to see his amazing art in the flesh. ​

Carissa, Paccerelli, a teenager with Autism, is a multi awarded, and multi talented, Autism Advocate, Artist, illustrator and writer. Her latest accomplishments can include winning the World ‘Visual Arts’ Award with ANCA, Naturally Autistic and becoming an ANCA World Ambassador, representing Pasadena. As well as creating beautiful art and Illustrations, Carissa is also motivated to challenge misconceptions of Autism. Recently, created a non-profit organization with her grandmother called "CPM Foundation". Their mission is to provide programs that give value to the unique abilities of very special people, often referred to as "special needs". It seems we both share a vision, that such special people, have so much to give, as activists in kindness and talents, due to their unique characteristics and perspective. It was an honour to meet such a special young lady at this years World Autism Festival.
You can read more about her organization at www.cpmfoundation.org. and learn more about Carissa, and her art, here http://www.rissap.com/home.html 

Bobby Trundley is an inspiring role model who is currently nominated for a world ANCA Award within the 'Excellence in Sport' category.
Bobby who has been go karting since he was 11, has won, or been a finalist to countless UK based go-kart racing championships, and was once a non-verbal child who struggled greatly with the hidden hardships of his Autism. Bobby, who has overcome the challenges with bullies, and anxiety, has become one of the best junior go karters in the UK. Bobby has been racing professionals within the top karting leagues throughout the country. With it comes his passion and motivation to help his Autistic Community, overcoming his difficultie with communication to participate in interviews and talk to strangers about his Autism. Most recently Bobby won an National 'Autism Hero Award' with Anna Kennedy Online Charity.   
​Good luck Bobby, for this years ANCA awards!

Craig Quat is the 2016 winner of the World ‘Sport in Technology’ Award with ANCA, Naturally Autistic.

​Craig is a talented Juggler, who has a passion to make circus therapy accessible, and a unique insight into how people learn and progress. Using his skills to make circus skills accessible and inclusive for those with special needs, Craig is known within the juggling and clinical industry as a theorist and world renowned practitioner of social circus. He investigates developmental effects of juggling, the therapeutic benefits, in education by focusing on adaptive educational methods in order to promote and support greater inclusivity of circus within the learning environment. He is recognized and known for developing specialized equipment that helps make juggling more accessible to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  Craig’s motto is ambition without expectation, a value which I also hold close to my heart, and I am privileged to have met him at this years World Autism festival.

Carissa Paccerelli - Pasedena Representative

Poppy is my inspiring youth worker, and the founder of the youth disability action project I volunteer with "The Chatterboxes". Poppy is fantastic at enabling all disabled youth within her care to rise above and beyond their expectations; whilst providing a fun, safe and close knit community where everybody can learn and develop new friendships and life skills. Additionally, Poppy motivates everyone to do their best to help with the Chatterbox projects; whether its raising awareness of disabilities, conferences or events; Poppy enables all young people to achieve. Poppy is currently nominated for an ANCA World award within the 'Community Mentor' category. Good luck Poppy, you so deserve it!​

Danny Lee - Taiwan Reprentative

Elizibeth Pritchard who has high functioning Autism, was recognised this year at the prestigious ANCA, Naturally Autistic World Award Ceremony, as an ANCA World Ambassador, representing the USA. Liz was also recognised on the ANCA World Stage, in the ‘Visual Arts’ category, for her recently published comic books, ‘paper bag’, which chronicles the feelings of mental health issues and higher functioning autism. Liz has a real passion to use her artistic talents to raise awareness of mental health issues, minus the labels, and I am so blessed to have met Liz at this years World Autism Festival, she is an inspiring role model. So please check out her comic books, using this link, where you can also purchase her fantastic comic books, via LuLu.com. http://www.lulu.com/gb/en/shop/liz-pritchard/paperbag-comic-the-complete-collection/paperback/product-22205188.html

I met some incredible people at the ANCA World Autism Festival 2016, listened to fascinating stories of talents, contributions and rising above the negative stereotypes of Autism. It is my honour to recognise a few of these inspiring individuals who have found positives within their disabilities (although not all these role models have Autism), or support the disabled and autistic community, and found a passion and motivation to inspire.

​Please keep checking back, for more ANCA World Autism Festival role models, that I will be uploading soon...

ANCA Autism World Festival
Role Models

 An inspiring man who has a passion for law, also has motivation to help others, by using his unique insights from his Autism. I met John through my work at BBC Generation 2015. John is an ambassador for "Ambitious about Autism" Charity, and is an Autism campaigner with a passion to help make positive change for the autistic community. John is positive about his autism, saying "I saw my Autism as an employment opportunity'. Johnathon was recently shortlisted to the National Diversity Awards, for his work getting people with Autism into employment. Johnathon is currently nominated for the ANCA world awards. ​Good luck Johnathon!

Vell Baria - Phillipines Representative

Bobby Trundley - UK Representative

Vell, a young lady with Autism, was honoured at this years ANCA World Autism Festival, with a World ‘Performing Arts’ Award, and as a ANCA World Ambassador, representing the Phillipines. Vell is inspiring, and she has a passion for showcasing to the world positive Autism Advocacy in woman, musical ettiquecy, and the role of Autistic people in the music industry.
Vell is a mindblowingly talented singer and actor, with powerful unusual sweet pop voice (comparable to Priscilla Chan, Aretha Franklin, Donna Cruz, Natalie Cole) to a surprising angelic classical singing voice (comparable to Sarah Brightman, Dame Joan Sutherland, Gerphil Flores and Maria Callas).  I am blessed to have worked alongside Vell for many months prior to our first meeting at the World Autism Festival, where we both hosted ANCAs first ever Bilateral Workshop on the World Stage, called ‘The Art of Self Expression and Autism Activism’. It was a pleasure to work alongside Vell, who has so much kindness and motivation to put herself forward as an all singing, all dancing, Autism Advocate and role model for others. 
Please check out my videos page for new (coming soon) uploads of our workshops together, which includes our disable the Autism label Tshirt, and Autism United Flag.