'Step Into AspergerWorld' Book Training

Step into AspergerWorld' Training Workshop Reviews
Written by professionals at ‘Diverse Abilities’ and ‘Barnabas’ Disability Charities.

“The best training session I have ever had the pleasure to attend. My favourite was talking about personal experiences and feelings during activities, very effective learning tools gained a greater understanding of what it is like. Brilliant autism training workshop.

I would certainly recommend AspergerWorld to an interested friend”

“Amazing! What a wonderful experience, great workshop; I learnt a lot from how amazingly literate and articulate Joely is. My favourite was activity three – shutdowns overloads and meltdowns. I enjoyed all of it, it was all very enjoyable and informative. I understand more. It was brilliant actually hearing from your personal experience. Truly inspiring. Helped me to understand Autism more.”

“What a lovely insight to Aspergers Syndrome. An Inspiring, Interesting and Fantastic workshop. Wouldn't improve and would deffinitly recommend. Very informative, interesting and emotional; Great activities and props to provide greater understanding and fuller insights into the world of autism, and life of someone with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and a reality check for all that we take for granted. My favourites were showing the differences between shutdowns, meltdowns and overloads activity and activity, and seeing the reactions. I also really enjoyed activity 1 [Sensory Overload, Processing Information and Theory of Mind, and Making Connections Interactive] truly eye opening; trying to do basic tasks while under these circumstances is harder than you think, and the communication exercise was a very good metaphor. Very inspirational and brave. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and knowledge of Joely Colmer.”

“AMAZING!!! The presentation is a real eye opener into the ‘AspergerWorld’ I feel I understand Autism more. Amazing activities to demonstrate how Autism feels were very useful. I found it useful that you had Aspergers and listening to how you see and feel things. The best was the activities 4- the communication activity, and activity one-step into AspergerWorld Sensory Overloads, Making Connections, Theory Of Mind, and Processing Information interactive. seeing  the reaction to activity three shutdowns meltdowns and overloads. I was interested throughout. I enjoyed listening about Aspergers from someone who has it, as it is real, not just someone who has learnt about it.  Its very good. Nothing to be improved. I would recommend AspergerWorld. You are a true inspiration, Joely. Thank you”

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These reviews  showcased on this page, are made up of 40 individual evaluations, and the individual words, sentences or opinions have not been edited or changed in any other way. The individual evaluations and reviews have simply been pieced together, with other similar reviews / evaluations, this is because many of the original reviews and evaluations were written by individuals who repeated reviews- lots of people had the same opinions.; so I pieced them together so you can read every participants opinions in one easy chunk, rather than reading through 40 reviews that all say the same types of things. I have not changed any words or edited the reviews in any way, other than combining lots of tiny reviews / evaluations into several big reviews
All training sessions are subject to a affordable fee, with travel inclusive.

Welcome to my NEW workshop, based on my Books content. 

'Step into AspergerWorld' is an interactive, memorable and informative look at the hidden depths of the Autistic Spectrum, from my personal and professional highly reviewed insight, provided within my book. 'Step Into AspergerWorld' is tailored to you and your needs; a session can last anything from an hour - 2 hour and a half hours, which can includes a speech - this depends on what aspects of learning you need, what activities you choose
and how extensive you wish your training session to be.  
All sessions are designed for SEN/ Professionals, Schools, Charities, Conferences, and can be tailored for those with disabilities on the Spectrum and their families.

The beauty of this workshop is that all of the learning and content is tailored up to you- you can choose out of an extensive list of Learning based Activities of Autism's Hidden depths, to do on the day!

​Each Workshop is tailored to the event, but can include:

* Overload / Making Connections / Theory Of Mind / Processing Information Interactive
* The problem with Problem Solving Puzzle Pieces course
*  Meltdowns, Overloads and Shutdowns Interactive
*Communication Interactive, Disable the Label
* Motivational Speech - with a themed insert
(Mental Health, Gaslighting, Behaviour, Autism and Girls etc)

More Information on my next update :) 
But for now, check out my incredible reviews from disability charities who last participated in a 'Step into AspergerWorld' training session...