Im honoured that I was enabled with the opportunity to help raise understanding of the hidden depths of Autism, with the help of Anna Kennedy OBE, on SKY TVs 'The ChrissyB Show'. 

​My particular interview with Anna, includes discussion about the following topics: Autism Hidden Depths, Quirks, Executive Function, Volunteering, School, Adult Life Skillls, my Book AspergerWorld, and my Activism. 
​The whole show is fanstastic- giving insight into disability and mental health / sexual abuse / assault and how to protect those in need, and more. 

Recent TV, Radio and Vlog Media Activism:

NHS Dorset - Neurodevelopmental pathway lauch event-Autism Wessex
​*KeyNote Speaker
* This event is not open to the public
* Dorset

* 25th September

COMING SOON: Interview on the Aspiregers Show

* A video with NCS and Team Unity * A collaberation video with a popular Autism Vlogger  
* My new video series FridayFocus.
Check out my video poster (below) for a speech I'm doing for the NHS :)

Autism Gala Night and Fun Fair Event
* Speech TBC * 20th October * Hampshire

Private KeyNote
* 9th November
Private Autism
​Training KeyNote

* 16th Novemb
er 2018
* 18th January 2019
 * 15th February 2019
* 15th March 2019
​ * London

UPDATE: Check out Katy InvisibleI's review of my book 'AspergerWorld'.

UPDATE: Check out my new series FridayFocus where I film about the focus of my activism- Masking, Misconceptions, Hidden Hardships, Quirks and Gaslighting.
Here you can watch or listen to my media interviews:  *SKY TV
 *USA TV / Radio *BBC Radio 1 and TV and more. 

*Here you can watch a few videos about some of the other voluntary projects
I support

The Welsh Autism Show Conference
*Exhibiting my Book & Activism. TadTalk 
* Cardiff, Wales
* Friday 28th September​

Interview on SKY TVs 'The ChrissyB Show'. 

My New Book
​"AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I'm Joely Williams (formerly Joely Colmer - now married), I am 26, and I now love my Disability, Aspergers Syndrome/Autism.
 Thanks to support, I'm now a passionate multi World and National Award Winning Autism Activist, Motivational Speaker, Autism Trainer and Best Selling Author of my new book "AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar".

  ​Once upon a time, I was depressed and I couldnt feel positively about my disability. I started to volunteer, and learnt to embrace my disabilities many quirks and its hidden hardships ..... and my life changed. 

Delve into 'AspergerWorld'; and discover the hidden depths of Aspergers Syndrome from my unique young Autistic female, award winning and professional perspective. My Autism is my Specialist Interest, so its my biggest passion to challenge negative perceptions and empower understanding of my unique disabilities many fascinating traits, invisible depths and quirky gifts..

InvisibleI's Review of my Book 'AspergerWorld'​
HINT - She “loves every word!”

InvisibleI is a popular Social Media influencer and Vlogger, who raises awareness and understanding of Autism, chronic pain and mental health. Boasting over 26,000 followers, Katy is an amazing advocate, who also shares my disability Autism, so its a true honour that she is currently reccomending and reviewing my book with her #InvisibleIBookClub
InvisibleI and AspergerWorld collaberation Book Review Video
I was honoured to empower understanding about some of Autisms hidden depths / quirks and my Book, by going on Katys channel; we had lots of fun and laughter whilst we recorded some fab content, discussing some of Katys highlights from my book - Unintentional Gaslighting - School- Exams- Life Skills and Independence.... :)

Discover more about the hidden depths, and quirks, of my Aspergers Syndrome; learn about my new book, and how my book can help you. Here you can see why my book is different, read my blurb, and be inspired by my fantastic reviews from SEN professionals and those with family, and who are interested in Autism. Check out how my Autism Activism has caught media attention, read articles, here. 

Keep checking back to watch or listen to my latest Media Interviews, using the 'Videos of Volunteering' button links above.
#WatchThisSpace For upcoming Activism in the community, at events and in the media.

  Private KeyNote   and Autism Training 
* Speech presentation and exhibiting~
* 27th October 
* This is a private event

 My name is Joely Colmer and I am a young female with a very special gift; I have a disability called Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's Syndrome is a gift that hinders me with many hidden hardships but also walks hand in hand with the very things I love most about myself.

Find out all about who I am, and what I do here.

               ​​Episode 1 of my new Autism Activism
​Video Series called 'Friday Focus' -
         ​ "Autism, Masking and Unintentional Gaslighting"

In my new series, I film myself discussing the current focus of my current activism, to empower understanding.
​ My launch video, part 1 focuses on:
1) Unintentional Gaslighting and Masking
2) Misconceptions- Empathy
3) Copying misunderstood emotions and actions​
Part TWO focuses on:
 1) Alexithymia, Masking and Specialist Interests / Passions 
I hope you enjoy my videos and I hope it helps in some way.

Amazing time exhibiting at the 50:50 Art Exhibition in London yesterday, supporting #Artistic and #OllieAndHisSuperPowers.

Met some fantabulous people and was utterly blown away by the INCREDIBLE art work! Astonishing. Truly friends, it’s a must see event; if you’re in the area in the next few weeks you must go and check out these famous artists and support the cause. The Exhibition is on at The crows nest gallery W10 6PR for the next few weeks (August 2018).

Check out the interview I did with the wonderful Marilyn Devonish  
* Gaslighting *Why My Brain is Different * Executive Function
* Sensory Details * School  

 Episode 2: 'Autism, Masking, Shutdowns and Behaviour" ​Part ONE:
This episode focuses on:
1) Shutdowns and masking pain
2) Masking and the damage it does
3) Being taught that we need to fit into neurotypical world to get 'better'
4) Masking examples: Eye contact and Stimming​

Part TWO focuses on:
 1) Masking, Shutdowns of abailities vs Capabilities. 
2) Communication and Masking

Disclaimer:  I am not an Autistic Spectrums Disorder expert, nor am I a Therapy Professional. Any advice I give is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered professional advice. Professionals, such as teachers, doctors and therapist should be consulted before any life style changes are made, This website, and my services, should not be seen as a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy. I refer to myself as a professional; however this is due to my experiences as an individual with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and not due to my qualifications. Everything on this website is written from experiences and my own personal opinions. I hope to educate and inspire others  with my knowledge.  I can not guarantee any personal success or results, and will no be held responsible for any lack of success. 

Interview on Chewigems Autism Podcast

​Kidz Adultz
​ Disabaility North Exhibition

* Manchester
* 8th November

* Private KeyNote Autism Training Speech
* 5th September
* Hampshire
* Private KeyNote Autism Training 
* 21st September
* Leeds

        Interview with Marilyn Devonish at the 5050 Art Exhibition, London, Supported  by Artistic_UK

"Essential Reading for all those touched by Autism. This beautifully written book is eye opening; every time I learn and understand more about the son I thought I knew so well. I have shed tears of  sadness and joy."

Mother of Autistic child

   Welcome to AspergerWorld  
​A World of Information and Inspiration for our Autistic Community.

​AspergerWorld and InvisibleI Questions and Answers

Katy, InvisibleI and I got together in Cardiff and had an awesome time, chatting, laughing anf answering some of your questions; we cant wait to share our collaberation video with you all.

1) What is your experience with Trauma?
2) What are your favourite 'stim' toys? 
3) Whats your diagnosis story?
4) What is your experience with Sleep?
5) Do you remember what you were like at 6 years old?
and much more :)

* Exhibiting at #TheCurlyHairProject Autism training
* Bournemouth 
* 22nd October

​​​“A valuable contribution; an inspiring account of how to feel proud of one's autism. Joely explains how to minimise the disability, and reminds us to change our perceptions, to reveal each persons talents”
Prof Simon Baren-Cohen FBA -World Leader in Autism Research

More events, Conferences, speeches, links and details are to be confirmed.

"I wish I had this book at the start of my [Special Educational Needs] career. Inspirational and Passionate Insight"
​Lorraine Petersen OBE - ​Trustee of  'Ambitious about Autism' Charity - Educational Consultant

NEWS: AspergerWorld Friday Focus Series:

​* Launching my new Activism Video series called 'Friday Focus'
- where I film about the current focus of my activism- and release the video on a friday.
My launch video (Episode 1) is about autism, masking and Gaslighting- check it out further below.

Check out my Activism in the community (UK), and see if I might be at an event near you giving a speech or exhibiting my book. Become one of my 'Stars', who shines supportive light onto the paths of others , by becoming one of my 'Starlight Crew', and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. ​Please contact me with any queries, to book me, or if you wish to find out more about me, or what I can do to help you or someone you know.

NOTE: My interview starts at 35 minutes into the show, but I highly reccomend watching the entire show

​Discover all about Asperger's Syndromes hidden depths and challenge misconceptions.

Here I write about how Asperger's affects me , the hidden hardships, the quirky gifts of a disability on the Spectrum, and why I see my disability as a gift.
Please Note, there is much more detail, and far more in depth topics, expressed within my book
 "AspergerWorld :
​My Fairy Jam Jar"

UPDATED : 1 New Inter-National Team Award.

Be inspired by my list of incredible Role Models and learn about their talents, and what they have achieved.
Get motivated to take my Positivity Challenge to become a more positive version of your-self.
Learn all about the Awards I have won, and my biggest passion; volunteering.


Private KeyNote
*Speaker / Exhibit 
* London

* 5th October
Autistic Voice Event
​* Speaker TBC / Exhibitor
* North Wales
* 19th October

AspergerWorld and InvisibleI collaberation Q&A Vlog 

Key Note Speaker
* Foster Child Care
* Hampshire
* This event is not open to the public
* Booked Through
 'School Speakers'
* Sunday 30th September

#AspergerWorldOnTour Autism Activism in the Community-
​ Upcoming Events in the UK 2018

UpComing Media Actvism...

Here you can find specialized 121 "Role Modeling Workshops" for those who have a diagnosis, Autism Awareness and Understanding Workshops or Speeches designed to raise positive awareness of the disability.
UPDATED NEWS: Im now a speaker with 'School Speakers' The UKs No1 Motivational speakers agency for care and education. 
learn about my book "AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar", my newest workshop -"Step Into AspergerWorld"

I attended the World Autism Festival, and won the prestigious world ANCA 'Community Achievement' Award, and am honored to have become a world ambassador with ANCA, Naturally Autistic. I met some incredible Autistic individuals there, and supportive initiatives worldwide.
​On this page, you can learn all about these wonderful people, their gifts, talents and Naturally autistic supportive networks...